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Venta Protesix – ☆Lolicon Noise Star☆ – CD


Venta Protesix – ☆Lolicon Noise Star☆ – CD


Definitive autism: terminal hikikomori tendecies in sampling, obsessive fixation on microlooping and surgical filtering. Compulsive retriggering of sterilized granules. Prepubescent bleeps and barely legal glitches fed into a nexus of abusive and perverted sequencing machines. A single chain of ungraspable shards of sounds that criss-cross the life of a nascent lolicon noise star. Database nativism as a state of mind.
Released in a four-panel digipak with a free sticker.
Available also on tape by japanese label 16 shots per second records.
Limited Edition of 99 copies.


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Venta Protesix hates music. He and his laptop are between the foremost representatives of the global scene of lolicon noise purism, a micro-terrorist genre born on the deepest reaches of shoutboxes, where mysterious 14-old Japanese schoolgirls praise nazism, chemical drug abuse, Konata-worship and black metal. Among his peculiar influences are 山内大輔 Daisuke Yamanouchi’s ero-guro movies, AV idols, hentai and the concept of fan service as an ontological category of Being. Sounds like: Masonna trapped in a pink laptop along with Sachiko M and a 56k modem that survived the 90s. New electronic noise for a generation of romantic shut-ins.

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