Wasser Bassin Release: WB 011 – Christine Fowler – Polyphonies And Other Lost Tracks – K7

Wasser Bassin proudly presents Christine Fowler‘s sophomore album “Polyphonies And Other Lost Tracks”, in the least obvious of all formats: K7! The album compiles several comissioned sound installations and remixes that, for one reason or another, have never seen the light of day. In the artist’s own words: “The track that best defines the album

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WB005 LP

Free Jazz, Experimental, Droning, Noise; Improv, African Roots and Electronics, you name it, all can be found cooking in the melting pot, skillfully prepared by SSS-Q.Free Jazz, Experimental, Droning, Noise; Improv, African Roots e Electrónica, tudo é passível de ser encontrado e saboreado no enorme caldeirão musical cozinhado pelos SSS-Q.

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WB003 LP

From J.F.’s notes:
“Around the 3rd or 4th year into the journey, while recovering from health complications, I’ve suddenly and unexpectedly began to notice the first traces of human existence…”Lace Bows – “Deparei-me subitamente com os primeiros vestígios de existência humana no áudio capturado…”
TimiTimiNoNo – “As duas peças foram construídas a partir do falhanço de máquinas mundanas… ”

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WB002 EP

“I See Wind, I Hear Voices” is Tam’s debut on Wasser Bassin. The label’s second is now aimed to the dancefloor, and – we ought to say – it is a mean dancefloor: Powerful kick-drums, fat basslines and acid synths, all wrapped up in low-motion House dynamics.“I See Wind, I Hear Voices” é a estreia de Tam na Wasser Bassin. O segundo lançamento da editora revela-nos um registo mais dançante feito de batidas quentes e linhas de baixo robustas, tudo embrulhado em melodias ácidas, seguindo a tradição do House.

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