Wasser Bassin Release: Tózé Ferreira – viagem de inverno – WB 013LP

Wasser Bassin proudly presents, “viagem de inverno“, Tózé Ferreira‘s first vinyl release in more than 30 years! Back in 1988, when the mythical label, Ama Romanta, released Tózé‘s debut “Música De Baixa Fidelidade”, the portuguese musical panorama simply wasn’t ready for  contemporary  electronic compositions, specially if they were  computer programmed pieces, blended with abstract synth

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Wasser Bassin Release: WB 011 – Christine Fowler – Polyphonies And Other Lost Tracks – K7

Wasser Bassin proudly presents Christine Fowler‘s sophomore album “Polyphonies And Other Lost Tracks”, in the least obvious of all formats: K7! The album compiles several comissioned sound installations and remixes that, for one reason or another, have never seen the light of day. In the artist’s own words: “The track that best defines the album

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WB005 LP

Free Jazz, Experimental, Droning, Noise; Improv, African Roots and Electronics, you name it, all can be found cooking in the melting pot, skillfully prepared by SSS-Q.Free Jazz, Experimental, Droning, Noise; Improv, African Roots e Electrónica, tudo é passível de ser encontrado e saboreado no enorme caldeirão musical cozinhado pelos SSS-Q.

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WB003 LP

From J.F.’s notes:
“Around the 3rd or 4th year into the journey, while recovering from health complications, I’ve suddenly and unexpectedly began to notice the first traces of human existence…”Lace Bows – “Deparei-me subitamente com os primeiros vestígios de existência humana no áudio capturado…”
TimiTimiNoNo – “As duas peças foram construídas a partir do falhanço de máquinas mundanas… ”

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