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Wasser Bassin Release: Tózé Ferreira – viagem de inverno – WB 013LP

Wasser Bassin proudly presents, “viagem de inverno“, Tózé Ferreira‘s first vinyl release in more than 30 years!

Back in 1988, when the mythical label, Ama Romanta, released Tózé‘s debut “Música De Baixa Fidelidade”, the portuguese musical panorama simply wasn’t ready for  contemporary  electronic compositions, specially if they were  computer programmed pieces, blended with abstract synth layers.  Tózé‘s rare performances were often mocked by the audience, and, usually, ended in an array of insults. Apart from the praise of a handful of underground music aficionados, the album was bound to fly below the radar.

Many years later, and against all odds, “Música De Baixa Fidelidade” became a collector’s item. While some may have been solely driven by the rarity of the album; others, fortunately, realised the importance that Tózé‘s masterpiece had in laying the foundations for the next generation of experimental musicians. A bit like God, sound also worked in mysterious ways.

After a very long editorial silence, Tózé Ferreira  resurfaced  in a very exclusive pressing, via Plancton Music, with the CD/DVD, “Lullabies For A Troubled World”, a musique concrète treat for advised listeners only. This obvious sign of life gave us hope, so we tried our luck and invited him to release a follow-up to “Música De Baixa Fidelidade”. Glady, our expectations were met.

So, our lucky 13th edition, “viagem de inverno” (winter journey), shares the same basic principles of “Música De Baixa Fidelidade”, that is, a keen taste for experimenting and stretching the boundaries of sound. From the somber and tense minimalism of ‘Strange’ to the harsh and abstract sense of ‘Fagood’; from the cinematic and bizarre ‘Electronix’ to the concrète soundscapes of ‘Max Tot’, Tózé‘s skills as a composer seem more honed and acute than ever. Instead of staring back at the past, “viagem de inverno” sets a brand new path for what’s to come.

Please, tread lightly!

WB 013 – Tózé Ferreira – viagem de inverno – LP

A1 – Fagood

A2 – Max Tot

B1 – Strange

B2 – Electronix

Release Date: 15/05/2020

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