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WB004 LP

My Life On Weekends

Mellow days, lonely hours and simple chords.
When the weekend comes, it is time to improvise.

Filipe Felizardo

Through riffing, and using both electric and acoustic guitar, Filipe Felizardo aims – specially in his release on Wasser Bassin –
for the most violent and extatic pathos. You can say that he is trying to find Loren Connors, John Fahey and Neil Young in the same chord.My Life On Weekends

Dias lânguidos, horas solitárias e acordes simples.
Quando o fim de semana chega, o tempo é de improviso

Filipe Felizardo

Através da exploração do riff entre a sua forma condensada ou expandida, em guitarra acústica ou eléctrica, Filipe Felizardo procura, especialmente no seu registo na Wasser Bassin, colocar o pathos numa condição extática e violenta, a meio caminho entre Loren Connors, John Fahey e Neil Young.

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